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. The Old Fish Creek House .

Author Unknown

This picture of the Old Fish Creek House was loaned us by Mrs. Merton. The fish in the picture were caught by Dr.Glen Coe of Watertown, who used to spend his vacations at Black Lake & The Fish Creek House. If you recall this is the same Dr Coe who rescued the crew of the steamer Oswegatcie when she sank near Woods Island in August 1908.

Many of the people in this picture are alive today & the Names of all will be recognized. In 1909 when this picture was taken the genial host was Fred Bogardus, who with his son on his lap, sits next to his wife who wears a white apron. On the extreme left are Walter & Wallace Breckenbridge & on the extreme right is Homer Breckenbridge. The man sitting by the center post Is J. R. Covell ,who was at one time the Town Clerk & who was also Postmaster. At his left is Norman Robinson, then Arlie Mitchel, Charles & Fred Covell. Pete Mandigo is on the right of J. R.Covell. Its Bill Martin with his dog beween his knees & Mrs. Coe is seated next to Mrs. Bogardus.

The Fish Creek House was run for forty years by Adam D. Bellinger , then another forty years by Ed Perry. In 1868 Ed Perry Paid eight dollars for a tavern licence. It was operated by the Bogardus' & the following them Thomas & Alice O'Brien of Gouverneur.

In 1928 Levi Youngs, Jr, Purchased the Fish Creek House & operated it for two or three years as a general store. In 1931 when the bridge at Edwardsville & The state road were being built it served as a rooming house & had apartments in it for the workers. In 1933, when licenses came back it was again opened as a restaurant & tavern. Mr Young sold it to his granson-in-law & granddaughter, Joseph & Margaret Carney in 1946.

Now as one of the few remaining landmarks in Pope Mills it is well known throughout the North Country as Joe's Sunset Inn.

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